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It's Day 76 - Where am I at now?

76 days ago I posted a blog about Anna's band concert that I had attended.  I didn't fit in the seats.  I had to sit in the cafeteria for almost the entire program.

My goal was to lose enough weight in 76 days to be able to be comfortable at tonight's concert.  Well, I am down about 15 pounds.  That is not enough and I anticipate I will be uncomfortable again tonight but, I am down!!!!!

I started writing on April 30th a "blog" format on Instagram.  It is proving to be helpful and I pray that it will help others as well.  I have a LONG way to go but I have started.  That is what matters.

I am sure I will have roadblocks and many struggles along the way but with God on my side I will get there...

Thanks for your prayers.  #trustGod


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Thought you might want to know...

God Bless,